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Greetings, Qi seekers.

I've been practicing and teaching many varieties of Qigong in NYC for over 20 years. I consider myself a great role model for the average person, one not "born to dance," not a natural. Many people are intimidated and reluctant to begin a new movement class.

Have no fear. I have great empathy and limitless patience in my classes. I understand and instruct very methodically, so that a student not only can recreate a movement but also understand why they are making it. 

I have taught pre-schoolers the "Drunken Man Walk" and nonagenarians how to regain flexibility and balance. Qigong has no age restrictions. It can run the gamut of very physical strengthening exercises to virtually motionless contemplative internal practices.

I teach at senior centers, healthy heart programs, cancer and Parkinson's support groups and corporate wellness programs. I specialize in T'ai Chi Chih, a unique American form of Qigong growing in popularity over the last 40 years.

Ken Gray
Certified T'ai Chi Chih Instructor
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